Innovators, and leaders in the sport – the #SlideAmbassadors embodies the Sancheski lifestyle, and defines what it means to be pro.

Neme - Slide ambassador


Neme has been a member of the Sancheski team since its beginning in the 1960’s, when the wheels were made of metal and the boards of solid wood. He has been crucial on the development of the Slide truck 3.0, and he built the prototype of his Pro model in his motorcycle garage. You can find him every Tuesday training with his Slide at the best spots of San Sebastian.

Janire - Slide ambassador

Janire Gonzalez Etxabarri

Janire has been surfing since she was 3 feet tall. Native from the Basque Country, this young girl loves competing and trying all the different surf spots in the area. She has been using her Slide Gussie for 2 years, and she enjoys training with it to improve her surf technique.

Annete - Slide ambassador

Annete Gonzalez Etxabarri

Annette is Janire’s younger sister. They started surfing together in Zumaia, a challenging wedge famous between bodyboarders. She enjoys surfing with her friends and has never been afraid of surfing with the older groms. She is happy that she can use her Slide to go to school every day and practice some cutbacks before attending maths lessons.

Carlos Martin

Carlos comes from Barcelona and has always lived near the seaside. He started surfing when he was 8 and was so stoked that he learnt to skate one year later to improve his surfing anytime he could. What he loves about surfing is the connection with nature, you can feel this when you see him riding waves.

Sometimes he finds frustrating that you depend so much on the conditions of the sea, that’s why he was so hooked when he discovered surfskating. Since then, he can’t stop surfing the streets, bowls, skateparks…whatever he finds on his way!