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Slide 2020 new range

July 3, 2020 1:12 pm Published by

Slide Fish pavones 32

The new Slide surf skate range has arrived! We are really excited to introduce you to our new models: Quad Sunset 30″, Gussie Stingray 31″, Fish Pavones 32″ and Diamond Waimea 32″.


Slide Quad Sunset 30

The Quad Sunset is our latest addition to the Slide surf skate range. This 30″ board is inspired by the shape of the ‘Mini Simmons’, a board that has been built to have fun in summer, tiny waves. Its wide nose and tail make it a great board to go inside the bowl and try tight turns, and the 65mm wheels are perfect for sliding. It is also recommended for children or lighter riders, as it provides very good stability and maneuverability.


Slide Diamond Waimea

The new Diamond Waimea takes you back to the years of the handcrafted wooden boards. Its mustard and dark brown color palette will give you the feeling of riding an antique board, keeping the performance and surf feelings of our Diamond shape and set-up.

This model comes with a transparent, spray-on grip.


Slide Gussie Stingray 31

Have you already seen them on the streets? If not, have a look in your nearest surfshop, they might be there waiting for you to try them!

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