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Surfskate dancing

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Do you normally ride a 9 ft surfboard and are wondering if surfskating would fit you?

Would you like to improve your dancing technique even when the swell conditions are not so good?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes don’t worry, we have the right boards for you!


The Swallow 33″


Swallow 33″ Noserider


Available in two different prints, the Slide Swallow 33″ was developed with longboarders in mind. Graphics are inspired in the boards that the first surfers used in the long beachbreaks of Waikiki and Malibu, the most famous spots for logging.

Its wide nose and big wheels give extra stability so that you can walk to the front of the board, and its smooth kicktail helps you make sharp, quick turns inside the bowl.


The Neme Pro 35″


Slide surfskate Neme Pro Spacial

Neme Pro 35″ Spacial


This shape is the longest in our collection. Stable and maneuverable you can use it inside the bowl or to go from A to B thanks to its big, wide wheels.

Regarding dancing, it is great for trying some Hang 5s and improve your balance when walking on top of a surfboard.


Don’t forget that you can adjust the hardness of your Slide front truck by tightening or loosening its black nut.

By doing this, you can easily adapt your surf skate to the different sessions so that you can dance, pump or go inside the bowl whenever you want 🙂


Slide surfskate truck


Did you like our pictures? They were all taken by the talented couple Eider Paredes and Marta Guillén.

You can check their latest projects on their Instagram account @paipaiproduccions

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