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Wheels: What’s the best option?

October 31, 2019 5:57 pm Published by

Most people choose their Slide for the shape size, and graphics of the deck.

In our post on ‘How to choose the right Slide for you?’ we talked about the different features of each Slide model and how to choose the best option depending on your needs.

There is another factor to take into account when you are setting up your Slide: the wheels.


65 mm, Angled profile wheels

Surfskateboards wheels - Slide by Sancheski

These wheels are set up on our Swallow Grom 30″ and Fish 32″ models. They are the smaller version of our 78A Slide wheels, and they have an angled profile (45º chamfer).

This chamfer will help you slide easier and move faster, which makes them ideal to ride on pumptracks and bowls.


70 mm, Sharp-angled profile wheels

Surfskateboards wheels 70 MM - Slide by Sancheski

On the other hand, our bigger wheels are set up on the Joyful Splatter 30″, Gussie 31″, Diamond 32″ and Swallow 33″ models. Their hardness is the same as the previous ones, however their profile is sharp-angled (90º).

These wheels have larger surface in contact with the ground, which makes them very stable. Also, their large diameter is great if your are using your Slide to pump on flat surfaces, as you will move smoothly and won’t stop pumping until your legs hurt!

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